Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Happy Spot

Oh yeah....check out the doors leading to the garden....
Is that not just amazing....I would be deliriously happy in this room..I would never leave
Nope... not for a second...not even to eat...I would just stay here and relax...and admire!
I am loving this room!
And I would be bone thin...not even chocolate would drag me from here!

I am not sure where I have found these pictures....but I have to tell you I would do just about anything to live in this house....Can we take a moment and look at those incredible glass doors...honestly...seriously...How beautiful are they!! Stunning!!

1 comment:

  1. Your "A Happy Spot" is well, happy, but incomplete. What it needs is a cup of tea in one of those big, beautiful cups of yours. They're like a bath tub for tea bags. It makes me want to be a tea bag! I buy the same tea, I steep it the same way, I add the usual amount of sugar...but no luck! It NEVER tastes like a COV tea. So please, write about your tea ritual and include a picture of those big, white beautiful cups because I think the difference just might be in the porcelain!