Friday, October 2, 2009

Closing the Cottage

My sister in law's..Georgie and Sarah

The view down the 88 stairs to the dock...easy going down..... .not so hot climbing up

We painted the cottage Black

Charles ,Keith and Gertie who helped us immmensely

Carlo and Tony

Emma and CeCe

Mr. Ventresca Elle, Jake & CeCe

Sarah and Jorge

Oh dear poor Charles...A ticket for fishing with out a licence..who knew?

The Cousins

Paris who barks at every boat!!

Dad CeCe and Mom

Dave,Emma, Tony and CeCe

Mel and the Gals

And the weekend of 6 kids
Harrison, CeCe, David,Zoe, Hannah, Emily

Well this is the week we close down the cottage till next spring..sweet gawd..
Where did the time go? Seriously it feels like just yesterday when we got our keys to our new little summer place...We sure had a ball and some great guest pass by through out the summer months.
I still have big dreams for this a new dock, a newly decorated extension, and new appliances and BBQ...but in time...some times the joy is truly in the it make take an hour for dinner,and maybe the sleeping arrangements may be a little cozier than what you like...but My mantra is " it is a cottage" a place to drop by on the weekends, and enjoy family and friends and the lake...and we sure did that this year.I am in disbelief that I will soon be packing up all the food , storing bed linens, and blowing out waterlines...
There is a crispness in the air and the smell of Fall is upon us..and the Count down to May 24 has officially we can do it all again next year..

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